Debbie Ewald

Writer & Speaker

Finding God's greatness in a broken world.

They were all amazed at the greatness of God [as they witnessed Jesus' healing miracles].

Luke 9:43 

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Finding Greatness

No, it's not a health and wealth message. When I talk about finding greatness, I'm referring to the greatness of God and how each one of us can be impacted by this great God.

God has shown me how He transformed my mess into something great. Maybe you have a similar greatness story. Or maybe you still feel like you're a mess, but you're ready for a change. You're ready for some greatness in your life.

Jesus is the only way to know this great God.

As a speaker, I enjoy sharing from the Bible what Jesus has done for us and how it impacts us in the good times and the bad times. And for all eternity. Along the way I'll share some of my own story, including the messy parts.

I would be honored to speak at your event. Reach out to me through the Contact page.

For His Glory,


Enjoying Outdoor

Finding Greatness as a Misfit

Audience: teens, parents of teens and those who work with teens

This presentation is based upon my book, Misfits on a Journey With Jesus: A 30-Day Exploration. The fact that Jesus didn't initially call the religious leaders to follow him astounds me. Instead, the Son of God called the lowly, the misfits, to follow Him. The same greatness that Jesus called the disciples to, He calls us to, including teens. As we see our own lives changed by Jesus, we can participate with Jesus to change the world. I'm passionate about teens realizing how essential they are in the Kingdom.

This fun and interactive presentation will challenge young people to embrace their purpose in Christ's kingdom.

Topics and Target Audiences

Finding Greatness Through Change

Audience: women

Sharing my experiences navigating through seasons of change, I encourage women to see change as a way to look for God in the hard times, and to allow Him to grow them during uncertain times.

This presentation will challenge you to go deeper with God through change.

Finding Greatness in the Sanctity of Human Life

Audience: churches and pro-life events; fundraisers for pregnancy resource centers; volunteer appreciation events; home school groups

My life experience as a teen mom fuels my passion for the sanctity of life ethic, especially as it is worked out in the caring ministry of pregnancy resource centers. During 14 years in this ministry, I was privileged to speak in churches, civic groups and schools. Also, I trained volunteers and staff for their ministry in the PRCs.

I can tailor this presentation for a younger audience, focusing on God's awesome creation, human life, thereby preparing the next generation for a Biblical worldview of life.

What I believe: I am a member of First Baptist Church of Gainesville in Gainesville, TX. You can find their Statement of Faith at the link below. I agree with this statement.