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Finding God's greatness in a broken world.

They were all amazed at the greatness of God [as they witnessed Jesus' healing miracles].

Luke 9:43

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Jesus touches broken people. When broken lives are made whole through His touch, then we are witnessing the greatness of God.


I once was broken because of sin, but Jesus made me whole through the finished work of His death and resurrection. I am amazed as I witness God's greatness in my own life, as well as in the lives of others. Also, I see God's greatness in the Bible, from beginning to end. 

My ministry of writing and speaking reflects my passion for people to know God's great love for them, as revealed to us through Jesus, and to know the joy of living out God's plan for their lives. I don't make this stuff up! The Bible reveals His love and plan for us.

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About Me

I'm so glad that you stopped by. I enjoy making new friends.

In July 2019 I entered the ranks of retired people who pursue their life's dream; mine happens to be as a writer. This pursuit required a huge transition for my husband, Dick, and I, which included a cross-country move. We left the mountains of Washington for the rugged cattle country of Texas. We left loved ones in the Pacific Northwest, our daughter and her family, to return to loved ones in the Ft. Worth area, Mom and my siblings. It's great to be loved so much on both ends, but the goodbyes are hard. 

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The start of our one-way trip from Washington to Texas, 9/26/2019.

That's way too much about me. I want to get to know you, including prayer requests. Contact me by scrolling down, or go to the Contact page.


Writing for His glory,


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